New Lexington Plant

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Publication: The Pottery, Glass & Brass Salesman

New York, NY, United States
vol. 14, no. 19, p. 26, col. 1-2



A large delegation from East Liverpool will attend the thirty-sixth annual meeting of the United States Potters' Association in Pittsburgh, Pa., Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. This is the first session of the Association to he held in the Smoky City in many years.

The opinion is growing among pottery manufacturers, that more machinery or mechanical labor will have to be employed in the American potteries, so that production can be increased. With this end in view, much thought and attention is being given just now to the use of a continuous kiln. It is also pointed out that more mechanical appliances are required in the clay shops, also the decorating shops. The manufacturers are not opposed to employing personal labor, but there are not enough skilled workers in the pottery industry today, so it is declared by those in authority to speak, to fully equip all potteries. The National Brotherhood of Operative Potters cannot bring new people into the trade just when wanted, and many who were skilled potters have left the organization to take positions in other lines of industry.

A charter has been issued to the Virginian Potteries Company, of Charleston, W. Va., the incorporators being W. A. Abbott, Herbert Frankenberger, L. E. Poteet and F. S. Rodes, of Charleston, and L. E. Holderman, of New Lexington, Ohio. The company is capitalized for $300,000. The concern will manufacture a variety of products, specializing on high tension insulators and other supplies for electric lines, as well as a fine grade of fireproof cooking ware. The Virginian Potteries Company will absorb the Consumers' Insulator Company, of New Lexington, Ohio, and operate both the Dunbar and New Lexington plants. The plant of New Lexington, Ohio, having been in operation for a number of years and having reached the point that it is necessary to expand, the owners decided, after thorough investigation of some months, to locate near Charleston and take advantage of the natural resources, natural gas being the principal inducement, as fuel is a large item in the production cost.

Plans are now being drawn for the construction of a twelve-kiln plant, to be erected on a five-acre tract. It is understood that preliminary work will be begun immediately and the plant will be in operation within a few months. L. E. Holderman, the president of the New Lexington plant, will be in charge of the manufacturing. F. S. Rodes, who has recently acquired considerable interest in the Consumers' Insulator Company, of New Lexington, Ohio, will be actively connected with the company in the capacity of secretary.


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