Virginian Potteries Co. purchases site for new plant in Charleston, WV and takes over Consumers' Insulator Co.

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Standard Corporation Service

New York, NY, United States
p. 102, col. 3


(1) To Make Porcelain Products. It was stated Nov. 8, 1916, that all classes of porcelain, including high-tension insulators and other electrical supplies, also fireproof cooking ware, will be manufactured at Dunbar, W. Va., and New Lexington, O., by this compnny, a new corporation chartered with a capital stock of $300,000 by L. E. Holdeman. of New Lexington; W. E. Abbott, Herbert Frankenberger, L. E. Poteet and F. S. Rodes, of Charleston. W. Va.

It acquired the Consumers' Insulator Co with plant at New Lexington, and will build a plant at Dunbar.

Plans and specifications are now being prepared for the Dunbar factory, which will include 12 kilns, with accompanying facilities, on a five-acre site. Officers have been established at Charleston.


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