Cook Pottery very busy; George Stevenson left Homer Laughlin to devote his entire time to Davidson & Stevenson Porcelain Co.

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Brick and Clay Record

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 55, no. 10, p. 894, col. 2

Stacking Up Advance Orders at Cook Plant

The Cook Pottery Co., Trenton, N. J., is very busy at the present time at its electrical porcelain and chinaware plants. The first noted is turning out large quantities of material for a number of the leading electrical manufacturers and orders are being received for deliveries weeks ahead. The production is very high grade and includes a wide variety of specialties. The chinaware plant is also stacking up advance orders, and capacity is being maintained at the highest possible point, with labor as the one offset in this direction. Charles Howell Cook, head of the company, celebrated a birthday on October 20, receiving congratulations from his many friends in the ceramic field in all parts of the country. Mr. Cook is now president of the Tuberculosis League of Trenton, and is doing highly commendable work in this capacity.

George Stevenson, for the past nineteen years with the Homer Laughlin China Co., at Newell, W. Va., and since the establishment of the plant in Newell, assistant superintendent of plant No. 4, has severed his relations with the firm, to devote his entire time to business of the Davidson & Stevenson Porcelain Co., in East Liverpool, Ohio. Mr. Stevenson began his service with the Laughlin company at the Laughlin plant No. 3, where he was a foreman. When the Newell plant was started he was promoted to assistant superintendent of that plant.


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