Richard Gormley of Hemingray made glass whimsey chains


Publication: The Cincinnati Times-Star

Cincinnati, OH, United States
p. 12, col. 1

Frank Y. Grayson's






Courtesy Mrs. Joe W. Conrad, 120 Edgewood Road, Covington, Ky.


Just too bad the above could not be reproduced in color. They are blown grass [sic] glass drapery chains which are six feet in length, containing close to 500 glass links in each one. The large bowl at the bottom contains pictures of children, flowers and birds. The ball was called a "Witch Ball" and probably originated in Ireland. They were made by Richard Gormley, the father of the lady who submitted the picture. Mr. Gormley learned the glass-blowing trade with the Hemingway [sic] Hemingray Co. of Covington and later was employed by the Boldt Co. in the East End. He was born in Ireland in 1853.

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