1955 year in review; OI events listed

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Publication: American Glass Review Glass Factory Directory Issue

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
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The Year 1955 in Review


...a month-by-month recapitulation of the

news highlights of 1955 in the American

glass industry, as recorded in the pages of



Owens-Illinois announces plans to build a two-furnace glass container manufacturing plant in Portland, Ore.


Kimble Glass, Owens-Illinois subsidiary, adds lightweight shell vials to its Opticlear line.

Owens-Illinois announces plans to build plant in Cuba, 20 miles southeast of Havana.


Research by Owens-Illinois results in development of new glass block that rejects solar glare and heat under severe sun conditions, accomplishing this by reflection rather than absorption.

C. G. Bensinger, vice-president and general manager of the Glass Container Division, Owens-Illinois, is elected a director.


Discovery of a new world of uses for glass is goal of Owens-Illinois in expanded research and development program.


Owens-Illinois develops press-on vacuum closure for glass jars called Vapak, said to be the first cap that is easy to remove and as easy to reseal "air-tight every time."

Owens-Illinois buries glass time capsule on site of new plant to be built at Portland, Ore.


Owens-Illinois announces construction of two glass container warehouses to be built at Clarion, Pa., and Gas City, Ind.

Owens-Illinois formally opens its new Technical Center in Toledo. A staff of 500 scientists and technicians will work on a research program that can be carried out from beginning to end under one roof. The center has 50 laboratories. A major project will be an effort to solve the mystery of the structure of glass.


One of the newest products of Owens-Illinois' recently opened Technical Center is a heat insulation known as Kaylo-20 that withstands tempertures of 1,800 degrees F. The hydrous calcium silicate product will be used cheifly as covering for pipes and vessels.

Alexander M. Turner is named general manager of Libbey Glass Division of Owens-Illinois, succeeding Harry J. Durholt, who goes to the Administrative Division, and continues as an O-I vice-president serving in an advisory consultant to Hugh C. Laughlin, executive vice president. William J. Stewart is named director of personnel administration, succeeding Mr. Turner.


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