1955 year in review; Corning Glass Co. events listed

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Publication: American Glass Review Glass Factory Directory Issue

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
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The Year 1955 in Review


...a month-by-month recapitulation of the

news highlights of 1955 in the American

glass industry, as recorded in the pages of



Corning Glass Works announces successful manufacture of 300-mesh precision glass screen, currently being used as part of a cathode ray tube.

The Board of Corning Glass Works approves a 2 1/2-for-1 split its common stock

Corning acquires a minority interest in James Jobling & Company, Ltd., of Sunderland, England.


Corning Glass announces shipments of limited lot of TV color tubes.



Corning Glass announces plans to increase its participation in the low-cost radio and television field. Officials say small glass parts to play big role in both.

Corning Glass announces it is shipping radiation-shielding windows, for nuclear research, completely assembled. Windows consist of individual castings up to 10 inches thick stacked together in a framework, and are shipped ready to install in test cell walls.



One of Corning Glass Works' newest products is a Pyrex brand shell and tube heat exchanger developed especially for processing industries where chemical resistance and product purity is of first importance. Working parts resist attack by all acids except hydrofluoric.



Corning Glas announces the precision casting of metals through the use of glass moulds.


Corning develops sanitary Pyrex brand glass nursing bottle.


Dr. Donald S. Stookey is named manager of the newly-established fundamental chemical research department in the Research and Development Division of Corning Glass Works.

R. Lee Waterman is elected vice president of Corning Glass Works, Canada, Ltd., and is named a director of the Corning subsidiary succeeding the late Glen W. Cole.


Corning announces enlargement of Bradford, Pa., plant where it will increase manufacture of glass electronic components.


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