1956 year in review; Corning Glass Co. events listed

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Publication: American Glass Review Glass Factory Directory Issue

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 17,18,19,20,21,24,25,26,27,28,29, col. 1

The Year 1956 in Review


...a month-by-month recapitulation of the

news highlights of 1956 in the American glass

industry, as recorded in the pages of the



Corning Glass Works produces a glass harmonica a series of crystal bowls of various sizes mounted on a single spindle, each tuned to a specific tone.

A Refractories Division, as a new operating unit, is announced by Corning Glass Works, to consolidate the development, manufacture, and sale of conventional refractories, special high-temperature refractories, special high-temperature refractories, and mold materials for precision casting of metal alloys.


Corning Glass Works contributes $5,000 to support of Institute of Silicate Research at the University of Toledo.


Dr. William H. Armistead, Dr. John F. G. Hicks and R. Lee Waterman are elected vice presidents by the Corning board of directors.


Corning Museum of Glass, celebrating the fifth anniversary of Corning Glass Center, features an exhibit of "Asian Artists in Crystal."


Corning Glass announces plan to build a new plant for the manufacture of Pyrex brand glass products at Greenville, Ohio.


Corning Glass Works announces plans to construct a "tower of glass" in New York City, a glass-sheathed building 28 stories high, on the southeast corner of Fifth avenue and 56th Street.


Corning Glass Works and Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., join to form a new firm, the Sylvania-Corning Nuclear Corporation, set up to provide research, development and production activities in the field of atomic energy.

Corning Glass Works plays host to ten graduate students who are holders of Corning Foundation Fellowship Scholarships.


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