1957 year in review; OI events listed

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Glass Review Glass Factory Directory Issue

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 15-26, col. 1

The Year 1957 in Review


...a month-by-month recapitulation of the

news highlights of 1957 in the American glass

industry, as recorded in the pages of the




Owens-Illinois launches an extensive advertising campaign to promote the sale of beer in no-deposit quart bottles.


Responding to a suit filed in December, 1956, by the Anti-Trust Division of the Department of Justice, the Owens-Illinois Glass Company denies that its acquisition of the National Container Corporation is a violation of the anti-trust laws.



Robert E. Graham is elected vice-president of Owens-Illinois Glass Company and named general manager of the company's Glass Container Division, East.

Operations begin at the new Atlanta, Ga., plant of the Owens-Illinois Glass Company. The facility is said to be the largest of its kind in the Southeast.



A new borosilicate glass, KG-33, said to match or exceed the performance of any similar hard glass being manufactured, is developed by the Kimble Glass Company, an Owens-Illinois subsidiary.

Contracts are let for the second phase of construction of the Owens-Illinois Glass Company plant at San Jose de las Lajas in Cuba.


Carl R. Megowen, president of the Owens-Illinois Glass Company, reveals plans to build a glass container plant on a 79-acre site about 100 miles southwest of Caracas, Venezuela.

Owens-Illinois announces plans to increase the prices of many of its products to offset partially substantial increases in costs.


Alec M. Turner, general manager of the Libbey Division of Owens-Illinois, reports that production of table glassware will be expanded early next year at Libbey's Toledo plant when new machinery now being installed goes into operation.


A new fully automatic teletype system linking 125 Owens-Illinois units in 74 cities is put into operation.


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