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Publication: American Glass Review Glass Factory Directory Issue

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 119,126,147,158, col. 1

Bottle and Container



The following detailed listings include manufacturers of all types of glass hollow ware ranging in size from perfume bottles to demi-johns and carboys. Factory listings by product follow the factory data section.

Dominion Glass Co., Ltd., 1111 Beaver Hall Hill, Montreal, Que., Canada (UN 6-4861). Factories: Montreal, Que.; Hamilton and Wallaceburg, Ont.; Redcliffe, Alta., Canada.

T. W. Bassett, president and general manager; F. N. Dundas, executive vice-president; I. R. MacDonald, vice-president and sales manager; N. W. Meldrum, vice-president and assistant general manager; J. R. Mackenzie, vice-president - manufacturing; G. G. Field, purchasing agent; C. E. Morse, engineer. Montreal, Que., L. Dubeau, manager; Hamilton, Ont., H. J. Sephton, manager; Wallaceburg, Ont., E. G. Davies, manager; Redcliff, Alta., W. J. Sellhorn, manager.

Beer, beverage, cosmetic and toilet, flasks, food, household chemical, liquor and wine, milk, narrowneck, packers and preservers, pharmaceutical, specialties and widemouth in amber, blue, flint, green and opal; private mould. Bar and liquor, bowls, dinnerware, hotel and restaurant, illuminating, kitchen, knobs, machine-made blown and pressed, milk, novelties and specialties, refrigerator, tumblers.

Manufactuers of

Tableware, Industrial,

Laboratory Glass, Etc.


The following detailed listings include manufacturers of lime, flint and special glass both pressed and blown. Factory listings by product follow the factory data section.

Dominion Glass Co., Ltd., 111 Beaver Hall Hill, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (UN 6-4861). Factories: Hamilton, Wallaceburg, Ont., and Redcliffe, Alta., Canada.

For officers, see listing in Bottle and Container Manufacturers Section.

Pressed tableware, tumblers, kitchenware, specialties. Blown tumblers, milk, knobs, hotel and restaurant ware, lantern globes, sprayed and decorated ware, dinnerware, opal ware, novelties and specialties, flint, amber and blue. Machine operation only.


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