1958 year in review; OI events listed

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Publication: American Glass Review Glass Factory Directory Issue

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 17-26, col. 1

The Year 1958 in Review


...a month-by-month recapitulation of the

news highlights of 1958 in the American glass

industry, as recorded in the pages of the



1957 annual financial statements released by major glass producers show lower sales and earnings for some flat glass companies. Owens-Illinois Glass Company passed the half-billion-dollar mark in sales for the first time: Knox Glass, Inc., showed record levels of sales and earnings.


A new rigid plastic container made of high-density polethylene is developed by Owens-Illinois Glass Company, to be produced at the Glassboro, N. J. plant. Initial users of the new packaging product are expected to be manufacturers of household and chemical items.


L.O.F. Glass Fibers Company reports increased sales and earnings for first three months of 1958; flat glass companies report lower sales and earnings for first quarter; Owens-Illinois Glass Company and Corning Glass Works show higher sales record for same period, but with decreased earnings.

Julian H. Toulouse, chief engineer of Owens-Illinois Glass Company's quality and specifications department, is awarded citation as "Engineer of the Year, 1958" by Toledo Technical Council.


Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation purchases Kaylo Division of Owens-Illinois Glass Corporation.

Owens-Illinois Glass Company files a registration statement with the Security and Exchange Commission on a proposed public offering of $50,000,000 sinking fund debentures due June 1, 1988.


Elliot R. Owens is appointed to the new post of vice-president and technical director of the Glass Container Division of Owens-Illinois Glass Company.

Frank G. Morfoot, assistant secretary-treasurer of Owens-Illinois Glass Company, retires after 46 years of service in glass industry.


Owens-Illinois Glass Company produces a new type of non-returnable beer bottle that will require less space in the brewery, warehouse, store, and refrigerator.


Thermometer Corporation of America purchases the automotive, hydrometer, and thermometer divisions of Kimble Glass Company, a subsidiary of Owens-Illinois.


Highlighting a successful fall meeting of the Glass Division of the American Ceramic Society at Bedford, Pa., arc the presentations of the Frank Forrest Award to Dr. H. N. Ritlin of Boeing Aircraft, and the S. B. Meyer. Jr., Award to Dr. J. M. Teague of Owens-Illinois and Dr. Henry H. Blau of Ohio State University.

Libbey Glass Division of Owens-Illinois produces five billionth piece of tableware since 1923.


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