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Publication: American Glass Review Glass Factory Directory Issue

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 151,158,160,162, col. 1

Manufacturers of

Tableware, Industrial,

Laboratory Glass, Etc.


The following detailed listings include manufacturers of lime, flint and special glass both pressed and blown. Factory listings by product follow the factory data section.

Corning Glass Works, Corning, N. Y. (Corning 2-5011) Factories at Corning and Big Flats, N. Y.; Albion, Mich.; Bradford, Pa.; Central Falls, R. I.; Charleroi, Pa.; Danville, Ky.; Greenville, Ohio; Harrodsburg, Ky.; Muskogee, Okla.; Parkersburg and Paden City, W. Va.; Wellsboro, Pa.

Albion plant, 2 continuous tanks. Bradford plant 1 continuous tank (electronic components). Central Falls plant, 3 continuous tanks. Charleroi plant, 6 continuous tanks, 1 day tank. Danville plant, 2 continuous tanks. Greenville plant, 2 continuous tanks. Fall Brook plant, Corning, 5 continuous tanks. Harrodsburg plant, (optical and opthalmic glass). Leaside plant, Ont., Canada, 1 continuous tank. Main plant, Corning, 2 furnaces, 32 pots; 10 continuous tanks; 2 day tanks. Muskogee plant, 1 continuous tank. Parkersburg plant, 2 continuous tanks. Pilot Plant 2, Corning, 1 continuous tank. Pressware Plant, Corning, 2 continuous tanks. Refractories plant, Corning (manufacturing special refractories). Wellsboro, 2 continuous tanks.

Amory Houghton, chairman of the board; William C. Decker, president; Charles D. LaFollette, financial vice president; Amory Houghton, Jr., staff vice president; John L. Hanigan, vice president and general manager, Electrical Products Division; William H. Armistead, vice president and director of Research and Development; John F. G. Hicks, vice-president and general manager, International Division; R. Lee Waterman, vice-president and general manager, Consumer Products Division; Paul T. Clark, vice president and general manager, Technical Products Division; Arthur W. Weber, vice president and director, Engineering and Manufacturing Staff Division; Norman J. Vang, vice president and director, Industrial Relations; Thomas Waaland, treasurer; John L. Ward, controller; Frederick H. Knight, secretary;

"Pyrex" brand products: ovenware; range-top ware; coffee maker bowls; dinnerware; laboratory ware; pharmaceutical, industrial ware; gauge glasses; tubing; piping; cylinders; and special technical ware. "Corning" brand products: bulbs for lamp, radio, x-ray, and television; fluorescent and thermometer tubing, optical and opthalmic glass; laboratory and pharmaceutical ware; signal ware for railroad, marine, traffic, and aviation use; filter glasses; tumblers; commercial and residential illuminating glassware; street lighting globes; dinnerware, capacitors, resistors, and other electronic components; atomic radiation shielding windows; photosensitive glasses. "Steuben" products: table glass, artware. "Vycor" brand products: industrial, laboratory and pharmaceutical ware; precision finished glassware, ultraviolet transmitting glass. "Pyroceram" products: Corning Ware, ovenware, range-top ware; industrial, pharmaceutical, laboratory and special technical ware, all made from glass-ceramic materials.


Corning Glass Works of Canada, Ltd., Vanderhoof Ave., Leasdie, Ont., Canada (HU 5-0416).

John L. Hanigan, president; Amory Houghton, Jr., vice president; F. H. Knight, secretary; C. H. Kruidenier, treasurer. 1 continuous tank, 2 rings. 5 machines. Mouldmaking shop. Baking and cooking ware, colored, decorated, dinnerware, illuminating, machinemade, blown and pressed, opal, nursers. Pyrex and Crown ware and Corning Ware.


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