1959 year in review; OI events listed

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Publication: American Glass Review Glass Factory Directory Issue

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 16-23, col. 1

The Year 1959 in Review


...a month-by-month recapitulation of the

news highlights of 1959 in the American glass

industry, as recorded in the pages of the




Carl R. Megowen, president of Owens-Illinois, predicts shipments of glass bottles and jars in 1959 will exceed normal yearly increases, with a more than five-per-cent growth over 20 billion units shipped in 1957 and 1958.


Owens-Illinois announces plans for its third Latin American glass container plant in Bogota, Colombia.


Harry J. Durholt retires after 40 years of service with Owens-Illinois, a good part of his career having been with the Libbey Glass Division, of which he was general manager for several years.

Owens-Illinois Glass Company announces plans to erect its seventeenth bottle and jar factory. Site will be in New Orleans. New factory will be ultra-modem, with multi-furnace capacity.


Oscar G. Burch, vice-president of engineering and research for Owens-Illinois Glass Company, is elected president of the American Ceramic Society at the 61st annual meeting in Chicago. Frank R. Bacon, also of Owens-Illinois, assumes chairmanship of Society's Glass Division.


Owens-Illinois Glass Company introduces new line of one-way bottles for the carbonated beverage industry.


The 100th anniversary of the birth of Michael J. Owens is marked with the unveiling of 34 plaques at the 34 plants of Owens-Illinois Glass Company in 33 American cities.


Annual fall meeting of the Glass Division of the American Ceramic Society at Galen Hall in Wemersville, Pa., attracts more than 330 glass men and their wives. Winners of the S. B. Meyer, Jr. award are Ernest M. Levin and Dr. Stanley Block of the National Bureau of Standards; the Frank Forest award goes to Dr. Clarence L. Babcock and Delford A. McGraw of Owens-Illinois.


Owens-Illinois Glass Company acquires the Keystone Brass Works of Erie, Pa., maker of plastic melamine dinnerware and cast bronze solder fittings. Operation of the melamine dinnerware plant is to be under the Libbey Glass Division.


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