1960 year in review; OI events listed

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Publication: American Glass Review Glass Factory Directory Issue

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 8,10-12,14-16, col. 1

The Year 1960 in Review


...a month-by-month recapitulation of the

news highlights of 1960 in the American glass

industry, as recorded in the pages of the



Owens-Illinois Glass Company releases news of the plans for a new ultra-modern, multi-furnace glass container plant at Brockport, N. Y., the 18th O-I plant for the manufacture of bottles and jars.


Oscar Burch, vice-president of research and engineering for Owens-Illinois, concludes his term as president of the American Ceramic Society, being succeeded by George H. Spencer-Strong, of the Pemco Corporation. Guy E. Rindome is elected chairman of the Glass Division, at the meeting of the Society held in Philadelphia.


Glass Container Manufacturers Institute holds three-day meeting in White Sulphur Springs, W. Va., re-electing Fred N. Dundas, Dominion Glass Co., Ltd., as president of the organization; C. G. Beninger, of Owens-Illinois, is named vice-president; J. G. Ferguson, of Laurens Glass Works, second vice-president.


Smith L. Rairdon is named executive vice-president of Owens-Illinois Glass Company; William J. Stewart is elected president and general manager of Kimble Glass Company; Raymond H. Mulford, president of Kimble since 1956, is transferring to the O-I administrative division, continuing as a vice-president of the company.


Ray H. Mulford is appointed executive vice-president of Owens-Illinois Glass Company.


Owens-Illinois introduces a new lightweight glass bottle, designed for one-trip service in the packaging of cream.


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