United States Glass Co. listing

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Glass Review Glass Factory Directory Issue

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 147,174, col. 1

Tableware and Flint

Glass Manufacturers

The following detailed listings include manufacturers of lime, flint and special glass both pressed and blown. Factory listings by product follow the factory data section.

United States Glass Co., Inc., 225 Fifth Avenue, New York 10, N.Y. Factory at Glassport, Pa.

Philip E. Kahn, president; Robert W. Keleher, executive vice-president; Gilbert Kahn, vice-president and secretary; E. J. Moore, plant manager Glassport. Combination hand and machine at Glassport. Moldmaking shop. Pressed tableware, opal ware, bottle specialties, funnels, meter covers, valves for pumps, battery jars, private muld work. Industrial glassware, soda fountain and bar goods.


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