Hemingray/Owens-Illinois Glass Company listing

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Publication: American Glass Review Glass Factory Directory Issue

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 133,149,159,182, col. 1

Bottle and Container



The following detailed listings include manufacturers of all types of glass hollow ware ranging in size from perfume bottles to demi-johns and carboys. Factory listings by product follow the factory data section.

Owens-Illinois, General Offices, P.O. Box 1035 Toledo, Ohio 43601 (Tel. 419-242-6543). Factories, Glass Container Division: Alton, Ill.; Atlanta, Ga.; Bridgeton, N. J.; Brockport, N.Y.; Charlotte, Mich.; Clarion, Pa.; Durham, N. C.; Fairmont, W. Va.; Gas City, Ind.; Godfrey, Ill; Huntington, W. Va.; Lakeland, Fla.; New Orleans, La.; North Bergen, N. J.; Streator, Ill.; Tracy, Calif.; Waco, Texas. Pacific Coast Division: Los Angeles, Cal.; Oakland, Cal.; Portland, Ore.; Tracy, Cal.; Closure Division plants: Glassboro, N. J.; St. Charles, Ill.; San Jose, Cal.; Berlin, Ohio. Libbey Glass Products: Toledo, O.; Lake City, Pa.; City of Industry, Cal. Kimble Glass Products: Chicago Heights, Ill.; Columbus, O.; Muncie, Ind.; Vineland, N. J.; Warsaw, Ind. International Div.; Toledo, O. (sales only). Manufacturing plants in Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Germany, and Italy.

J. P. Levis, chairman of the board; R. H. Mulford, president; E. C. Jones, executive vice-president, general manager, Glass Container Division; H. C. Laughlin, executive vice-president, administrative; R. E. Graham, executive vice-president, general manager, International Division; E. D. Dodd, executive vice-president, general manager, Forest Products Division; A. M. Turner, executive vice-president, general manager, Consumer and Technical Products Division; J. A. Bohland, treasurer; F. M. Canter, vice-president, new products and marketing development; F. E. Fuller, general counsel; G. S. Babcock, vice-president, general manager, Plastic Products Division; M. G. Beishline, vice-president, manager of manufacturing, Glass Container Division; S. F. Davis, vice-president, Glass Container marketing manager; J. W. Hackett, vice-president, engineering and research; H. S. Wade, corporate vice-president, Pacific Coast; R. L. Berry, vice-president, personnel adminstration; W. B. Owen, vice-president, corporate facilities; E. R. Owens, vice-president, general manager, Pacific region, Glass Container Division; W. J. Stewart, vice-president, corporate planning; G. W. Cook, vice-president, administrative, purchasing and traffic; E. C. Ames, vice-president, administrative, director of public relations; E. L. Herron, director of advertising; Richard Knudson, traffic manager; K. E. Tigges, comptroller.

Manufacturers of all types and varieties of Duraglas bottles and jars; metal and plastic closures, corrugated shipping boxes; multiwall paper bags and heavy duty plastic bags, kraft paper, blown and pressed plastic containers and fitments, television picture bulbs, laboratory glassware, Kimble vials and ampuls, glass pipe and drainline, Kimble glass tubing, Libbey table glassware, and Libbey plastic dinnerware.

Manufacturers of

Tableware, Industrial,

Laboratory Glass, Etc.


The following detailed listings include manufacturers of lime, flint and special glass both pressed and blown. Factory listings by product follow the factory data section.

Owens-Illinois: Consumer and Technical Products Division, Toledo, Ohio 43601 (Tel. 419-242-6543). Factories: Vineland, N. J.; Warsaw, Ind.; Chicago Heights, Ill.; Muncie, Ind.; Columbus, O.; Libbey Products plants at Toledo, O.; City of Industry, Cal.; Lake City, Pa.

A. M. Turner, executive vice-president of Owens-Illinois, general manager, consumer and technical products divison; E. B. Dennis, Jr., vice-president, director of marketing; Fred Pinotti, vice-president, technical director; S. A. Kenworthy, vice-president, general manager, Kimble Products; W. B. Achenbach, vice-president, general manager, industrial and electronic products; James F. Ryley, vice-president, general manager, Commercial Development.

Kimble laboratory glassware, glass laboratory apparatus, Kimax glass pipe and drainline, television bulbs and other electronic glassware, tubing & rod, containers and accessories, towel bars. Neutraglas bottles, vials, and color break ampules; Optiseal and Opticlear vials, Kimble and Hemingray tempered glass power and communications insulators; Exax, Kimax and Tekk brand laboratory glassware.

Libbey Products: G. R. White, vice-president and general manager; B. F. Trumm, vice-president, general factories manager; T. H. Harbaugh, vice-president, sales manager; J. G. Chickvara, marketing and sales manager.

Blown and pressed tableware, colored, decorated, fountain, hotel and restaurant, tumblers and stemware.


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