Gayner listing

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Publication: American Glass Review Glass Factory Directory Issue

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 121,132, col. 1

Bottle and Container



The following detailed listings include manufacturers of all types of glass hollow ware ranging in size from perfume bottles to demi-johns and carboys. Factory listings by product follow the factory data section.

Gayner Glass Works, 32 W. Broadway, Salem, N. J. 08079 (Tel. 609 YE 5-2200).

N. Drucker, president; K. L. Sachs, vice-president; Lester R. Edwards, vice-president; H. J. Mullany, vice-president, manufacturing; Ira Band, secretary and treasurer; William Kerr, sales vice-president; K. E. Heller, controller; V. J. Noble, plant manager; P. Pryor, assistant plant manager. Flasks, flint, food, green, household, chemical, liquor and wine, narrow-neck, packers and preservers, pharmaceutical, widemouth, private mold. 2 continuous tanks. 7 machines. 5 I.S. and 2 Lynch.


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