Kerr Glass Manufacturing Company listing

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Publication: American Glass Review Glass Factory Directory Issue

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 109,119, col. 1

Bottle and Container



The following detailed listings include manufacturers of all types of glass hollow ware ranging in size from perfume bottles to demi-johns and carboys. Factory listings by product follow the factory data section.

Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corp., Executive Office, 611 South Shatto Place, Los Angeles, Calif. 90005 (Tel. 213-387-8243).

W. A. Kerr, president; M. R. Kerr, senior vice-president, sales, and assistant secretary; A. H. Kerr, vice-president and secretary; C. G. Peterson, treasurer; D. A. Ladenberger, assistant secretary; C. W. Welsh, vice-president, sales, Region II.; B. M. Humphries, vice-president, sales, Region I; R. M. Ulmer, vice-president, marketing; H. C. Johnson, general manager, western glass production operations; C. E. Middleton, assistant general manager, western glass production operations; G. B. Langer, general manager, production engineering; W. E. Houck, director, facilities engineering, east; R. D. Gentry, director, glass formulation and special process engineering; D. Riebe, manager, product specifications, quality control and customer service; R. E. Utsler, director, furnace engineering and operations. Plants: Santa Ana, Cal., L. Eaton, plant manager; Sand Springs, Okla., R. F. Hartmeyer, plant manager; Huntington, W. Va., J. T. Stittup, plant manager; Plainfield, Ill., J. R. Worden, plant manager; Millville, N. J., R. F. Scott, plant manager; Waxahachie, Tex., T. R. Dunn, plant manager; Dunkirk, Ind., J. D. Mink, plant manager. General line of amber, green and flint bottles and jars. Food, beverage, beer, wine, liquor, household chemical, industrial, prescription, medicinal, private mold glassware. 15 continuous tanks. All I.S. machines.


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