1973 year in review; OI events listed

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Glass Review Glass Factory Directory Issue

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 8,9,10,11,12, col. 1

News Highlights of 1973


...a month-by-month review of happenings

in the American glass industry during

1973, as recorded in the pages of



Raymon H. Mulford, chairman of the board of directors of Owens-Illinois, dies in Toledo; John J. Timberlake, president of Forter-Teichmann Company, dies in Pittsburgh.


J. Preston Levis, retired chairman of the board of Owens-Illinois, dies at the age of 71.



Libbey Division of Owens-Illinois, announces plans to produce table glassware at former Libbey-Owens-Ford plant in Shreveport, La.



Owens-Illinois announces its 20th domestic glass container plant, to be constructed at Mansfield, Mass.



Owens-Illinois introduces a new corporate logotype, a block O and I separated by a hyphen, set over the company name in smaller block letters, replacing logo adopted in 1954, an I inside of an O.

Owens-Illinois announces plans for new glass container plant in Puerto Rico, to employ 300 persons.


Owens-Illinois unveils a massive glass monument in front of its Alton, Ill., facility, to mark the 100th anniversary of its founding, originally as the old Illinois Glass Company.


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