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Publication: Glass Factory Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
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The following factories are devoted to the manufacture of pressed and blown ware, plain tumblers, stem ware and bar goods, cut glass and tubing, lamp chimneys, globes, electrical goods, etc.


Corning Glass Works, Headquarters: Houghton Park, Corning, N.Y., 14830. Corning, N. Y. plants: Main Plant, Equipment Plant, Fluidics Plant, Multiform Plant, Pilot Plant, Pressware Plant, Fall Brook Plant, Refractories Plant, Steuben Factory, Advanced Products Plant, Fiber Optics Plant, Corning Packaging Plant. Branch Plants: Albion, Mich.; Big Flats, N.Y.; Blacksburg, Va.; Canton, N.Y.; Central Falls, R.I.; Charleroi, Pa.; Danville, Ky.; Frederick, Md.; Greencastle, Pa.; Greenville, O.; Harrodsburg, Ky.; Horseheads, N.Y.; Louisville, Ky.; Marshall, Mich.; Martinsburg, W. Va.; Medfield, Mass.; Muskogee, Okla.; Newton, N.J.; North Bergen, N.J.; Oneonta, N.Y.; Paden City, W. Va.; Parkersburg, W. Va.; Orem, Utah; Raleigh, N.C.; Shawnee, Okla.; State College, Wellsboro, and Bradford, Pa.; Bluffton, Ind.; Sunnyvale, Calif.; Wilmington, N.C.; Buckhannon, W. Va.; Danville, Va.; Erwin, N.Y.; Somervile, N.J., Officers: Amory Houghton, Ch. of Bd.; R. Lee Waterman, Pres.; J. R. Houghton, V.P.-Gen. Mgr., Con. Prod. Div.; A.W. Dawson, V.P.-Gen. Mgr. Elec. Prods. Group T. C. MacAvoy, V.P.-Gen. Mgr., Tech. Prods. Group; Div.; W. H. Armistead, V.P.-Dir. Tech. Staffs; P. T. Clark, V.P.-Gen. Mgr Lighting Prod. Div.; H. F. Frailey, V.P.-Gen. Mgr. TV Prod. Div; T. Howitt, Jr., V.P.-Dir. Electronic Prod.; D. E. Leibson, V.P.-Dir. of Eng. & Mfg.; J. H. Allen, V.P.-Dir. Corp. Services; F. P. Hunt, V.P.-Dir. Ind. Rls.; C. Rutledge, V.P.-Dir. Sales and Public Rls.; F. H. Knight, V.P.-Sec'y; T. Waaland, V.P.-Treas.; Oakes Ames, V.P.-Cont.; W. H. Dana, H. H. Sayles, W. C. Ughetta, C. R. Patty, Jr., Ass't Secretaries; C. H. Kuridenier, H. H. Marts, Ass't. Treasurers; F. W. Bobrick, J. R. Bowen, Ass't. Controllers. Antenna covers, bulbs for black-white, color television tubes, bulbs for storage, power receiver tubes, capacitors, microminiature glass enclosures. PYROCERAM cements, reed switch tubing, resistors, ultrasonic delay lines. Architectural tiles, BURY-PAC casing system, commercial lighting panels, lenses, industrial heaters, PYRAM wall panels, PYREX drainline, fittings, PYROCERAM laboratory benchtops. CENTURA, PYREX and PYROCERAM tableware, coffee urn liners, CORELLE Livingware, Corning COUNTERANGE, Corning Counter-Saver, PYREX and CORNING WARE utensils, THE COUNTER THAT COOKS, vacuum bottle parts. CORAM alumina tubing, VYCOR parts, globes, lenses, chimneys, shades, high intensity lamp bulbs, incandescent, fluorescent, photoflash lamp parts, miniature bulbs, reflectorized blubs [sic] bulbs, signlight tubing, street light refractors. Absorption columns, heat exchangers, air heater tubes, appliance parts, textile specialties, corrugated paper, foam plastic packaging, flexographic printing plates, fluidic control devices, meter windows, sight and gauge glasses, PYREX and CORGARD process pipe, refractories for copper, glass, steel industries. Business equipment components, CHEMCOR tape reels, electronic components, encapsulating glass parts, fiber optic faceplates, magnifiers, minifiers, glass memory modules, integrated circuits, substrate materials. Blood analysis instruments, ion-sensitive electrodes, chromatography glass beads, dental, surgical lighting components, medicinal ampuls, ophthalmic lens blanks, PHOTOGRAY photochromic lens blanks. PYREX and COREX pharmaceutical ware, prefilled disposable syringes, thermometer tubing. CLEARSHIELD radiation-shielding windows, components for hydrospace devices, vehicles, infrared glasses, color filters, laboratory instruments, appliances microscope slide and cover glass, optical lens blanks. PYREX, COREX and VYCOR laboratory ware, spacecraft viewpoints, telescope mirror blanks, fused silica. Aircraft windshields, amber directional signal bulbs, CERCOR gas turbine heat exchangers, CORNING safety windshields, flexible fiber optic assemblies, rear windows for convertible automobiles, railroad, marine, aviation signalware, sealed beam headlamp parts.


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