Dominion Glass Co. listing

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass Factory Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 74,82,86, col. 1



This list includes manufacturers of prescriptions and vials, beers and minerals, patent and proprietary medicines, liquors and flasks, packers and preservers, fruit jars and milk bottles.


Dominion Glass Co., Ltd., Montreal, Quebec City, Que.; Halifax, N.S.; Toronto, Hamilton, Wallaceburg, Ont.; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Redcliff, Alberta; S. Barnaby, B. C.; Paul Britton Paine, Q.C., Ch. of Bd.; E. A. Thompson, Pres.; E. G. Blyth, V. P.-Fin. & Adm.-Treas.; W. H. Shotton, V. P.-Mfg.; J. E. Souccar, V. P.-Mkt.; T. B. King, Sec'y.; G. G. Field, Mgr. Pur. Containers for wide mouth and narrow neck foods, milks, industrial barware, paste mould tumblers and tableware.


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