Events in the Glass Industry for 1945; Owens Illinois events listed

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass Factory Year Book and Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 168-178, col. 1

Outstanding Events In Glass Industry

Of the Nation During the Year 1945



Dr. C. O. Ball, former head of research for Owens-Illinois Can Company, is put in charge of newly created process and product research division of Owens-Illinois Glass Company.


William C. Beckler is made assistant general sales manager of Libbey Glass division of Owens-Illinois Glass.


T. W. Rowe, labor relations director for Owens-Illinois since 1929, and a veteran of 62 years in the glass industry, dies in Toledo home. He was 76 years old.


Libbey Division of Owens-Illinois adds to sales force on East and West Coasts, Donald T. Paige, is added to the East Coast staff with headquarters at New York, and John Higgins joins the sales personnel in the West with headquarters at Los Angeles.


Owens-Illinois announces that it will be aided in reconverting smoothly and in enjoying the benefits of a substantial increase in the use of glass containers in peacetime through its research and development program on which the organization spent over $2,000,000.


Following 18 months with WPB, E. F. Bertrand returns to Owens-Illinois and resumes duties of sales manager for the drug and chemical division.


Milton M. Olander, industrial relations director of Owens-Illinois, is named by State Department as one of the American representatives to the International Labor Conference in Paris.

Palmer W. Hancock, general cost auditor of Owens-Illinois, is elected national director of meetings of National Association of Cost Accountants.


Dr. Charles R. Stumbo is appointed by Owens-Illinois as supervisor of bacteriology research in the process and product research division.

Kenneth A. Hamel is named publicity manager of glass container division of Owens-Illinois.

H. L. Enzelberger, sales manager of the food container division of Owens-Illinois, dies as result of an automobile injury. He ws 49 years old.


Robert D. McNaull is named manager of prescription ware department of Owens-Illinois.

Nils Johansson, managing director of Orrefors Glass Works, Orrefors, Sweden, on visit to Libbey division of Owens-Illinois, says production of one-half day at the Toledo factory would equal an entire year's output in any of the 49 glass factories in Sweden.

Harold Wandling, Sr., plant manager of the Terre Haute factory of Owens-Illinois, is injured fatally in an automobile accident. He was 45.


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