Locke insulator tea cup

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Telephony

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 11, no. 3, p. 184, col. 1

THE LOCKE INSULATOR MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Victor. N. Y., has favored a number of its friends and patrons with a unique holiday souvenir of china made in the form of a high-voltage insulator, the individual pieces of which may be taken apart and used for three individual drinking cups.


Keywords:Locke Insulator Manufacturing Company
Researcher notes:Only 2-3 specimens of this unique 1905 Christmas gift are known to exist. It is composed of three parts decorated with purple violets and the year 1905. When the parts are nested together upsidedown, it looks like a 3-part insulator.
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Researcher:Elton Gish
Date completed:March 20, 2012 by: Elton Gish;