Thomas China Co. and the R. Thomas & Sons Co.

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Clay-Worker

Indianapolis, IN, United States
vol. 40, no. 5, p. 586, col. 1-2



A NEW SAGGER works, to manufacture saggers for pottery use is now being erected by E. M. O'Connor, of East Liverpool. When the works is completed it will be placed in the hands of his son, E. F. O'Connor, who will operate same. The works is being erected near the plant of The Louthan Supply Co., also manufacturers of potters’ supplies.

The new plant of the Ohio Silica Co. in the east end of East Liverpool, where flint will be ground for pottery use, is almost ready for occupancy.

The R. Thomas & Sons Company of this city is making some improvements at their works in this city, which will greatly improve the same in many respects, and which will materially increase their output.

The East Liverpool Potteries Co. have disposed of their handsome office building in the city and the offices of the company have been removed to the Globe plant. Extensive improvements are being made at this plant to receive them. The manufacturing end of the works is also undergoing enlargement. The plants are now running along steadily with plenty of orders ahead.

A new stoneware organization was completed at Akron, Ohio, a few weeks ago, which will take in about fifty stoneware potteries, all situated east of the Mississippi River. The concern has a capitalization of $1,000,000, and F. W. Butler, of Akron, Ohio, has been elected president, and D. W. Patton, secretary. Mr. Butler is manager of the Robinson-Merrill Pottery Company, of Akron, Ohio.

W. F. Keates, who was formerly general manager of The Thomas China Co., of Lisbon, Ohio, and who is now in the same capacity with The Anglo-American Potteries Company of New York, states that he will erect five potteries in this country immediately. The situation of two of them has already been selected and the others will be picked out a little later on. The construction of the two already located will be started as soon as the weather will permit.

The Acme Pottery Company, of Crooksville, Ohio, is now running full handed.

The W. J. Harvey China Company will erect a six kiln pottery at Masontown, Pa.

The new works of The Continental China Company, of East Palestine, Ohio, has been almost completed, and will be ready for occupancy along about the first of the year. The plant will have a capacity of six kilns, which have already been completed.

The buildings of The Columbus Pottery Company, of Columbus, Ohio, are just being roofed over, with the exception of the kiln sheds, which will not be roofed until the kilns are erected. The plant will have five kilns and will manufacture art ware. The plant is controlled by The Hasbrook-Bargar Co., of that city, who are large jobbers of crockery of all kinds.

The Coffeyville Pottery and Clay Co., of Coffeyville, Kansas, is improving their plant in that city to a large extent.

The Poillion Pottery Company, of Woodbridge, N. J., have been incorporated with a capital stock of $25,000.00. The incorporators are Clara E. Poillion, Jas. E. Andrews, Cornelius Poillion, all of New York. The pottery was formery called C. L. & H. A. Poillion, and they are producing some very attractive things in the way of art pottery.

The Colonial Sign Company is the name of a new concern at Akron, Ohio, which will make large illuminated signs out of porcelain. The works have been completed and are now in operation and have a capacity of two muffle kilns and probably enjoy the distinction of being the only pottery of its kind in the world. The company intend, later on, to make wash basins and bath tubs, etc.



East Liverpool, Ohio, December 9, 1903. TOM POTTER


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