Pottery News

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Clay-Worker

Indianapolis, IN, United States
vol. 39, no. 3, p. 376, col. 1-2



The repairs at the works of the William Brunt Pottery Company have been almost completed. It was found necessary to tear down one of the walls, and this entire wall had to be replaced, and the solid brick work took a. long time to rebuild. They have just finished the work and have put new woodwork over all the plant that was destroyed, so that they are under headway once more.

The new works of the Anderson Porcelain Company of this city have started up in full. This works has just been completed and will manufacture electrical porcelain only. T. F. Anderson, formerly district superintendent of the American Sewer Pipe Company, is president, and George O. Anderson, of the United Power Company, secretary. T. B. Anderson, of the E. M. Knowles China Company, of this city, is also interested in the new works, which is located near the works of the Smith-Phillips China Company.

Several large additions are being made to the works of the Electric Porcelain Company, also located in the East End, this city. The concern now has a capacity of three kilns, having started with one kiln about two years ago. New machinery is now being put into operation and a new building will also be erected.

The high water which visits East Liverpool once a year regular as clockwork did not fail to get in its work this year, as usual. The water was extremely high last week, and several of the river plants were forced to move out for a few days until the flood subsided. The water is raising again this week and another fiood is momentarily feared by the river plants.


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