Jeffery-Dewitt outgrows its former plant

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Rudder

New York, NY, United States
vol. 28, no. 6, p. 28, col. 1



The Jeffery-Dewitt Company, of Detroit, manufacturers of the old and standard Reliance brand of spark plugs and the new J-D Visible, has been forced by increasing business to occupy new quarters in addition to their large original factory. Accordingly a new site of the East Grand Boulevard, the greatest motor way of Detroit, has been chosen; and the entire assembling and shipping will be carried on hereafter at this Plant No. 2. The new building allows 6,000 additional feet of floor space. This well-known firm is the only company in the United States engaged in the manufacture of spark plugs, which imports and blends its own clays by its own formula, and bakes the porcelain for its plugs. These potteries are visited by large numbers of tourists yearly, who watch with interest the complex process of the forming and the baking of the porcelains. Free access is granted to all departments except one, in which the blending of ingredients according to a secret formula is performed in order to insure a heat defying hardness to the finished product. Plant No. 1, the original factory, will hereafter be devoted solely to the manufacturing of porcelains and the machining of metal parts. The Jeffery-Dewitt Company is reported to be the largest manufacturer of spark plugs in the United States.


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