Dan Hemingray in attendance at The Electrical Jobber's Association convention

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 50, no. 5, p. 200, col. 1-2

The Electrical Jobbers’ Convention.

The Electrical Jobbers’ Association, for such the electrical supply dealers of the United States have named themselves, held its annual convention at the Clifton House, Niagara Falls, Canada, July 23, 24, 25 and 26. The attendance was large, dele­gates coming from such distant points as San Francisco and Los Angeles. The sessions were divided, some being for members only, and some were open meetings at which the manufacturers and others present were invited to participate. This served to harmonize matters and bring the jobber and manufacturer into closer relations.

The entertainments provided were many and varied. The opening day closed with a vaudeville and smoker, which went off splendidly. On Thursday a baseball game in the morning afforded great amusement to the spectators and was an im­mense financial success through the efforts of W. W. Low, of Chicago. On Thursday evening a banquet was given at the hotel and was attended by upwards of 300, including members and guests.

Among the manufacturers who sent representatives to the meeting were the following: Hemingray Glass Company, D. C. Hemingray; Eastern Carbon Works, E. J. Wilson; The Dale Company, H. S. Salt; V. C. Gilpin, V. C. Gilpin; Machado & Roller, F. W. Roller; National Carbon Company, Messrs. Carrier and Cotabish; Marshall Electric Company, Norman Mar­shall; Brookfield Glass Company, B. M. Downs; American Circular Loom Company, Oscar Hoppe, A. T. Clark and Alex Henderson; Condit Electrical Manufacturing Company, S. B. Condit, Jr.; Hart & Hegeman Manufacturing Company, Messrs. Searing and Morris; Harvey Hubbell, H. W. Bliven; H. W. Johns-Manville Company, J. W. Perry; Franklin Electrical Manufacturing Company, Charles I. Hills and P. S. Klees; Pass & Seymour, John W. Brooks; Crouse-Hinds Electric Company, H. B. Crouse and F. M. Hawkins; Safety Armorite Conduit Company, Robert Garland and F. C. Hodkinson; Brilliant-Elec­tric Company, E. J. Kulas; E. G. Bernard Company, E. G. Ber­nard; National Metal Molding Company, C. EL Corrigan and H. B. Kirkland; D. & W. Fuse Company, W. S. Sisson; Chase-Shawmut Company, H. P. Moore; R. B. Corey Company, Harry Adams; New York Insulated Wire Company, P. H. Hoover; American Conduit Manufacturing Company, T. H. Bibber; Bryan Marsh Company, EL H. Haughton; Holophane Glass Company, V. R. Lansingh; Shelby Electric Company, J. C Fish; India Rubber & Gutta Percha Insulating Company, J. B. Olson; Arrow Electric Company, E R. Grier; T. G. Grier Com­pany, T. G. Grier; Couch & Seeley Company, EL B. Seeley; Buckeye Electric Company, L. P. Sawyer; Western Electric Company, EL W. Rockafellow and R. Edwards, Jr.; Stuart-Howland Company, G. M. Stuart; Perkins Electric Switch Manufacturing Company, Messrs. Bryant and Burton; Phillips Insulated Wire Company, H. O. Phillips and A. N. Palmer; Safety Insulated Wire & Cable Company, A. P. Eckert; C. S. Knowles, J. H. Parker; Pettingill-Andrews Company, C. B. Price; Hart Manufacturing Company, W. P. Crockett; Edison Manufacturing Company, William Brodie.


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