Locke issues the first edition of the Insulator Book

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical Review and Western Electrician

New York, NY, United States
vol. 69, no. 6, p. 263, col. 1

The Locke Insulator Manufacturing Company, Victor, N. Y.f manufacturer of "Victor" high-voltage porcelain insulators and electric power line specialties, has issued the first edition of "The Insulator Book." The book is designed for real service and is a handbook of matters pertaining to the insulation of electric lines, as well as a catalog of the company's products. In its treatment of the transmission line, valuable information is given regarding mechanical construction, minimum spacings, specifications for steel towers and wood poles, crossarms and wire, besides general topics. Then follows a complete listing of the company's stock products, illustrated, described and priced. There is also included a large number of tables likely to be needed by those using the book. The catalog is very attractively and very well printed on heavy stock, 9 by 6 inches, and bound in a neat cover. To any one interested in insulators and transmission lines "The Insulator Book" will be found an exceedingly valuable possession, fit in its content and presentation for any desk or library.


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