Peru Electric Manufacturing Company is incorporated

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 15, no. 247, p. 100, col. 1



THE PERU GLASS AND CARBON COMPANY and Peru Porcelain Works (associated) have been succeeded by the Peru Electric Manufacturing Company, incorporated with capital stock of $100,000, and all accounts, both payable and receivable, have been assumed by the Peru Electric Manufacturing Company.

The new company have purchased the factories known as the "Dow Plant," regarded as one of the finest plants in the State and expect to occupy their new headquarters about the first of the coming year, when their products will be doubled, and with better accommodations more prompt service can be guaranteed. The officers of the new company are J. O. Cole, president; P. C. Burns, vice-president; S. F. Porter, treasurer and manager; R. H. Boslogne [sic] Bouslog, secretary; who are also directors with Milton Shirk, R. A. Edwards, and C. H. Brownell. The company will make, as before, but on a larger and more varied scale, carbons, carbon batteries, switches, sockets, rosettes, cut-outs, insulators and general electrical supplies.


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