Imperial and Thomas introduce catalogs.

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical Review and Western Electrician

New York, NY, United States
vol. 70, no. 26, p. 1110, col. 1-2



Imperial Porcelain Company, Trenton, N. J., has commenced the erection of its new plant at Manasquan for the manufacture of electrical porcelain specialties. The finest units of the plant will comprise two one-story factories, 130 by 250 feet and 60 by 150 feet, and will cost about $75,000. F. A. Duggan is head of the company.

The R. Thomas & Sons Company, East Liverpool, O., has issued catalog No. 16, covering its extensive line of transmission insulators for all voltages. The catalog has 106 pages, with a large number of illustrations, especially of dimension diagrams of pin-type and suspension insulators. Valuable information is given regarding characteristic construction methods for transmission lines, testing of insulators and other data of importance in power transmission. Aside from the many varieties of pin and suspension insulators, the company makes a large number of wall, floor and roof bushings and train insulators, as well as clamps and other hardware for use with insulators in transmission-line construction.


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