Hemingray sold 101 lbs of tubing to Illinois Industrial University

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Ninth Report (Second Biennial) of the Board of Trustees of the Illinois Industrial University

Urbana, IL, United States
p. 7,14,15,16, col. 1


The business agent then read his report, which was received and placed on file:


                                                    ILLINOIS INDUSTRIAL UNIVERSITY, December 5th, 1878.


Hon. Emory Cobb, President Board of Trustees, Illinois Industrial University.


Sir: I have the honor to offer the following report, as business agent of the University, for the three months ending December 1st:


Paper ''A'' is a statement of the state and current appropriations, the expenditures under the same, and their credits.


Paper "B" is a list of the warrants drawn since the last meeting with their vouchers, including those offered for auditing at this time, the last being from 125 to 166 inclusive.


Paper "C" is a communication from parties in New York, in regard to duties paid upon University goods without authority. I do not think the bill should be paid.


                                                                              Respectfully Yours,


                                                                             S. W. SHATTUCK,


                                                                              Business Agent


"B"óList Of Warrants Drawn.





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