American Association of Flint & Lime Glass Manufacturers draft resolutions for Ralph Hemingray's death

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Publication: The Pottery, Glass & Brass Salesman

New York, NY, United States
vol. 21, no. 25, p. 21,23, col. 1-3,1

Glass Men Re-elect Gleason


Brooklyn Man Chosen President of the American Association of Flint and Lime

Glass Manufacturers for Fifth Term at Forty-fourth Annual Meeting

The forty-fourth annual meeting of the American Association of Flint and Lime Glass Manufacturers, held in the Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel, Atlantic City, N. J., on Monday of this week, was confined strictly to routine business with one exception, the reading of a paper by Col, W. G. Boyden on "Concrete and Its Relation to Plant Efficiency." The noonday luncheon, which has been the social feature of these meetings from the association's earliest days until last year, was again omitted on Monday and the meeting scheduled for 2 o'clock in the afternoon to give the members opportunity to lunch at their various hotels.

It was 2.15 p. m. when President Marshall P. Gleason called the meeting to order and introduced Colonel Boyden, explaining to the members that, while the call for the meeting had stated that it was to be one of business only, the request of the Portland Cement Association that Colonel Boyden be permitted to address them had subsequently been granted. He said he was sure that they would be interested in the Colonel's talk. Judging from the applause which followed the latter's conclusion of his topic, his auditors had been decidedly interested. A number of them asked questions, which he cheerfully answered.

The stated business of the meeting was then taken up with the calling of the roll. The concerns represented at the meeting and the persons representing them were as follows: Bartlett-Collins Glass Co., Sapulpa, Okla., James Collins; Cambridge Glass Co., Cambridge, Ohio, Arthur J. Bennett; Cameron Glass Co., Cameron, W. Va., Robert Straub; Central Glass Works, Wheeling, W. Va., Cecil Feis; Consolidated Lamp & Glass Co., Coraopolis, Pa., Will Sargent; Co-operative Flint Glass Co., Beaver Falls, Pa., Thomas McKee; H. C. Fry Glass Co., Rochester, Pa., J. Howard Fry; Gill Bros. Co., Steubenville, Ohio, Harvey Strong and John Beiswanger; Gill Glass Co., Philadelphia, Pa., Frank Gill; Gillinder & Sons, Philadelphia, Pa., Edgar Gillinder; Gleason-Tiebout Glass Co., Brooklyn, N. Y., Marshall W. Gleason; Indiana Glass Co., Dunkirk, Ind., Frank W. Merry; Imperial Glass Co., Bellaire, Ohio, Victor G. Wicke; Jefferson Glass Co., Follansbee, W. Va., Charles H. Blumenauer; D. C. Jenkins Glass Co., Kokomo, Ind., Howard C. Jenkins; McKee Glass Co., Jeannette, Pa., Andrew J. Smith; H. Northwood Co., Wheeling, W. Va., Dent A. Taylor and C. J. Dela Croix; Phoenix Glass Co., Monaca, Pa., Thomas H. Howard, E. P. Ebberts and T. W. McCreery; Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass & Glass Co., Pittsburgh, Pa., Nicholas Kopp; Potomac Glass Co., Cumberland, Md., M. H. Sloan; Rodefer Glass Co., Bellaire, Ohio, C. F. Rodefer; United States Glass Co., Pittsburgh, Pa., Ernest Nickel, Reuben Haley and James H. Challinor; Williamsburgh Flint Glass Co., Brooklyn, N. Y., E. J. S. Van Houten. The trade press was represented by F. C. Demarest, Crockery and Glass Journal; H. W. Gauding, China, Glass and Lamps, and J. F. O'Gorman, POTTERY, GLASS & BRASS SALESMAN.

After the reading of the minutes of last year's meeting, which were adopted as read by John Kunzler, the actuary, the Chair appointed the following members as a nominating committee to formulate a list of officers and directors to serve during the coming year: Frank W. Merry, M. H. Sloan and Howard C. Fry. The committee thereupon retired to an adjoining room.

The treasurer's report was then read and referred to a finance committee to audit and report upon. It was unanimously voted to increase the association's holdings of Liberty Bonds to the extent of $2,000, the amount to be taken from the association's surplus funds. The nominating committee, through Chairman Merry, then presented the committee's recommendations, which included all the old officers. The committee's recommendations were unanimously adopted and the nominees in like manner elected. They are as follows:

President Marshall W. Gleason, Gleason-Tiebout Glass Company, Brooklyn, N. Y.

First Vice-President Nicholas W. Kopp, Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass & Glass Company, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Second Vice-President Marion G. Bryce, United States Glass Company, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Treasurer E. P. Ebberts, Phoenix Glass Company, Monaca, Pa.

Actuary John Kunzler.

These gentlemen, together with Arthur J. Bennett, of the Cambridge Glass Company, Cambridge, Ohio, and Wilbur E. Hunter, of the Economy Tumbler Company, Morgantown, W. Va., constitute the executive committee. The two latter gentlemen replace William F. Dorflinger and W. A. B. Dalzell, these being the only changes in the personnel.

This is the fifth successive year that Mr. Gleason has been honored with the presidency.

The actuary then read a number of communications, quite a few of which referred to the ubiquitous package-charge question, which brought about a lively discussion participated in by a great many of those present.

A. J. Bennett and John Beiswanger were appointed a committee to draft suitable resolutions on the death of Ralph Hemmingray [sic] Hemingray, a former member, and E. J. S. Van Houten and William F. Dorflinger were appointed a committee to formulate resolutions in recognition of the services rendered the glass trade by the late George M. Jaques, the veteran editor of the Crockery and Glass Journal.

Thereupon the meeting adjourned.


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