Findlay Electric Porcelain Co. leases plant owned by United States Electric Porcelain Company in Findlay, OH

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Industrial World

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 44, no. 47, p. 1393, col. 2

To Centralize Pottery Plants


Announcement was made at New Cumberland, last week that the United States Porcelain Company, of Findlay, O., composed of several East Liverpool men, including Frank Milligan, T. V. Milligan, George H. Owens and Frank Owens, has disposed of its plant in Findlay, leasing it to the Findlay Electric Porcelain company for a number of years.

Frank Milligan, general manager of the company, announced that hereafter the work of the United States Electric Porcelain Company will be concentrated at its New Cumberland plant. The company recently acquired the Chelsea pottery at New Cumberland, and according to General Manager Milligan the force there will be considerably increased within the next few weeks. J. E. Bicknell is the head of the Findlay Electric Company which is composed entirely of Findlay men.


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