National Insulator Company to take over Wellsburg plant

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Industrial World

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 44, no. 44, p. 1293, col. 2


National Insulator Company Back of Rejuvenated Enterprise.


If plans of Pittsburgh capitalists materialize the old Riverside glass plant at Wellsburg, W. Va., which has been idel for more than three years will soon resume operation in full. A party of Pittsburgh men composed of W. F. Bairds, C. F. Louthamie, J. K. Doolittle, J. E. Inman and O. H. Bateman, propose to form a company to be known as the National Insulator Company and take over the Wellsburg plant, using it to manufacture insulators for use in the construction of telephone and telegraph lines.

The proposed company will be capitalized at $500,000 of which amount $125,000 will be preferred and [$375,000] common stock. J. E. Inman, one of the promoters of the company, was in Wellsburg last week, and announced that if Wellsburg business men would interest themselves in the project to the extend of subscribing to $20,000 worth of stock, the company would be formed at once and the plant reopened as soon as possible. Hazlett Rodgers and C. V. Reeves, two prominent Wellsburgers, have interested themselves in the formation of the new company.


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