Hemingray will increase production

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Iron Age

New York, NY, United States
vol. 109, no. 16, p. 1072, col. 1-2

Plants at Muncie, Ind., Resume

Metal-working and other industrial plants at Muncie, Ind., are resuming operations and bringing production to a point of close to normal, while a number of local factories are arranging for an immediate increase in output and working forces. Among these latter, the Durant Motor Co. of Indiana is planning to add about 300 men to the payroll within the next few weeks; production is now on a basis of from 30 to 32 cars per day, with employment of about 500 men. Local divisions of the General Motors Corporation are adding daily to the working forces; of these, the Muncie Products Co., is maintaining a working quota of 900 men, to be advanced to 1000 at an early date; other branches of the corporation are giving employment, collectively, to about 600 operatives. The Warner Corporation has adopted a night schedule in addition to regular day production, with employment of about 350 men; the bulk of production is devoted to parts for the Durant automobiles. The Warner Gear Co. is increasing operations and expects to be on a full capacity basis at an early date. Other companies in the district that will increase production before the close of the month are the Muncie Gear Co., the Muncie Malleable Iron Co., the Gill Clay Pot Co., the Hoosier Auto Parts Co., and the Hemingway [sic] Hemingray Glass Co. The Kitselman Brothers Co., manufacturer of wire fencing, etc., is operating at close to normal, as is its affiliated company, the Indiana Steel & Wire Co., the two plants giving employment to several hundred men.


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