Baker & Cutting Glassworks producing insulators for Pacific & Atlantic Telegraph


Publication: Daily Alta California

San Francisco , CA, United States
vol. 11, no. 346, p. 2, col. 2


THE GLASS WORKS. Messrs. Baker & Cutting have at last got fairly under way in their glass blowing establishment on Beal street, between Howard and Mission. We called attention some weeks since, to the difficulties under which they had been laboring, especially that of preparing the material for melting, and getting the right land and proportion of sand. These troubles have been at last fully overcome; and during a visit which we made to the works on Saturday, we saw the melting going on under the most favorable circumstances. The works are of a capacity to turn out about twenty thousand dozen bottles per year enough to supply the proprietors for their pickle business and to sell to other establishments. They have now four pots in the furnaces, each capable of holding from twenty dozen to ten hundred dozen of bottles, according to the size. We saw and examined some beautiful specimens of a thick green glass, perfectly clear, and to all appearances, as good as any in the world. Mr. Baker and the workmen think that they never saw better looking glass anywhere, and believe it to be equal to the best. They are now making a large quantity of glass tubes, to be used for some purpose in the works of the San Francisco Water Company; and also a great number of insulators for the Pacific and Atlantic Telegraph Company. All the material used in the works are of California production. Even the soda is that procured from the lower country, which is brought here in casks, and clarified at the works before being used. The glass product is now no longer a problem, but a perfect success, and the difficulties of commencement having been thus conquered other like establishements will probably be commenced, and the importation of glassware at length entirely stopped.


Keywords:San Francisco Glass Works : Baker & Cutting Glassworks : CD 1010 : Pacific and Atlantic Telegraph Company
Researcher notes:According to Dwayne Anthony "These were most likely the CD 1010 'California sleeves'. I personally spoke with a bottle digger that found several specimen shards while digging the Baker & Cutting site several years ago. The Pacific & Atlantic Telegraph company built the first telegraph line from San Francisco to Los Angeles, which was completed in 1860. I have a Cal sleeve that was unearthed in the Fresno, CA area. Historical references state that the telegraph arrived in the general Visalia/Fresno area in 1860."
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