Several electrical porcelain plants make improvements. Akron Hi-Potential Porcelain Co. formed.

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Brick

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 25, no. 5, p. 231, col. 1-2

Pottery News

The works of the Adamant Porcelain Co., Broadway, Va., has been shut down for a time.

Additional machinery is being placed in position at the factory of the Hartford Faience Co., Hartford, Conn. A large addition and several new kilns were recently contructed and are now in operation.

The R. Thomas & Sons Co., and the Electric Porcelain Co., both of East Liverpool, are experiencing a partial shutdown on account of their porcelain pressers forming a union and going out on a strike. Other factories will likely have the same proposition to deal with shortly. A great many East Liverpool factories have been greatly hampered on account of fuel during the past month. They have had little or no gas and have had to change all their kilns from gas to coal, causing not only a great deal of expense, but a shutdown of a week or two.

The Akron Hi-Potential Porcelain Co., is the name of a new $150,000 concern which is taking over the plant of the Barberton Pottery Co., and is now converting it into a porcelain factory. The plant is being re-fitted throughout by the Patterson Co., of East Liverpool, O., and will have all of the new machinery ready within about two weeks at which time the plant will be placed in operation. The plant will employ about 200 people and will be devoted to the manufacture of electrical porcelain.

The Bell Pottery Co., Findlay, O., which has been placed in the receiver's hands, has shut down its plant indefinitely.


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