Several electrical porcelain plants make improvements.

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Brick

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 25, no. 6, p. 242-243, col. 1-2

Pottery News

The Hartford Faience Co., Hartford, Conn., which has just completed some large additions to its factory there, has decided upon further improvements and an entire new slip-house equipment has been ordered and will be installed at once. A part of the equipment is already upon the ground and the balance is in transit.

The Barberton Pottery, Barberton, O., which has been remodeled by the Akron High Potential Porcelain Co. into a porcelain factory, has been started up and is now in partial operation. They expect to have the plant in complete operation by December 1st.

The R. Thomas & Sons Co., Lisbon, O., is improving the slip-house of its electrical porcelain plant there. Two new kilns were only recently erected.

The Patterson Foundry & Machine Co., East Liverpool, O., has been awarded the contract for the mechanical equipment of the Wirt Mfg. Co's. new porcelain factory at South Hanson, Mass.

The Lima Insulator Co., Lima, N. Y., is contemplating improvements to its sagger-making equipment.


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