China Products Co. takes over the Virginian Potteries Co.

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Brick and Clay Record

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 61, no. 4, p. 258, col. 1-2



A combination of considerable size is rcpresented by the Empire Floor & Wall Tile Co., Inc., 137 West 25th Street, New York. A merger of the I. B. Owens Floor & Wall Tile Co. and the China Products Co., both of Zanesville, Ohio, and the Empire Floor Tile Co. of Metuchen, N. ]., has recently been consummated, and the combined concerns will hereafter be known by the above name. Floor and wall tile are being made in Zanesville and bath room accessories and china products at Metuchen. The sales department is in charge of I. P. Carling, formerly with the China Products Co., who will be located in New York and Metuchen. Supervision of both plants is in charge of Malcolm A. Schweiker of Philadelphia, vice-president and general manager. Besides Mr. Carling and Mr. Schweiker. the personnel is as follows: J. B. Owens, president; E. C. Luther, secretary-treasurer; Charles S. Powell, and A. H. Schultz.


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