Hemingray Glass Company - Muncie, Indiana

Boys Strike at Hemingray Glass Company

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Commoner and Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 20, no. 22, p. 12, col. 2

Breezy Muncie Gossip.


MUNCIE, IND., Feb. 24. The breaking of the gas main necessitated a general shutdown Friday and Saturday at Ball Bros. but they resumed in full Wednesday morning.

Strikes here among the glasshouse boys are becoming epidemic. This time it happens to be Hemingray's. They demanded an increase in wages. The company refused, and the boys are still out. A committee called at the office this afternoon to effect a settlement, but it proved of no avail. The youths appear determined to hold out, and were anxious to make another demand this afternoon.

The following men formerly of this town are working on green lids at Frankton, Ind.: Jas. Olwell, Jas. Ryder, Chas. Knipe, John Murphy, E. Chambers, Jos. Murphy, Chas. Kilgore, Thos. Bogan, John Smith, Jas. Kent, Barney Riley, and Geo. Tizell.

Davy Gordon, late of Philadelphia, is working at Hemingray's, and feels lonely without Larry

.Maring-Hart's factory resumed complete operations this morning after being idle for a few days on account of blocking up the furnaces.

Wm. Morgan, of Ball Bros., is off with a sprained wrist, owing to a fall on the ice. Thos. Gallagher, of the same factory, is seriously ill.

Harry Gillen and Con Bradley are here to fill any vacancy that might occur. Hugh Dowd leaves tonight for Philadelphia.

Geo. Timlin and Neal Driscoll are both confident of carrying off the honors at Shirk's Hall Paddy's night.      FACTS.


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