Dominion Glass Co. listing

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Publication: China & Glass Red Book

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 64,65, col. 1-2,2



Pressed and Blown Ware Plants in the United States and Canada.


DOMINION GLASS CO., LTD., Factory locations: Montreal, Que.; Hamilton, Ont.; Wallaceburg, Ont.; Redcliff, Alta. La Monte J. Belnap, president; I. R. MacDonald, sales manager. Sales offices: I. R. MacDonald, Montreal, Que. (Plateau 2962), W. F. Chapman, Toronto, Ont., (Lakeside 4484), G. M. Harris, Hamilton, Ont. (Hamilton 1-2837), L. N. Ayres, Wallaceburg, Ont., (Telephone 870), E. A., Jepson, Wimnepeg, Man. (Telephone 27243), J. R. MacKenzie, Redcliff, Alta. (Telephone 269), W. A. Dobson, Vancouver, B. C., (Marine 9454). Pressed tableware, tumblers, colored glassware, bar and liquor glassware, illuminating glassware, opalware, novelties and specialties, private mould work.


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