$180 added to Red Cross relief fund; Eva Hemingray listed as donor


Publication: The Biloxi Daily Herald

Biloxi, MS, United States
vol. 44, no. 201, p. 4, col. 6-7

$180 Added to Red

Cross Relief Fund

Citizens of the Harrison County Chapter area are responding splendidly to the request of the Red Cross war relief headquarters to subscribe the additional $2,000 in order to reach the goal of $10,000 by April 15, the date planned for bringing the drive to a close.

Tuesday donations totaling $180.50 were received at headquarters. George Wilkinson, county chairman, said the response so far has been gratifying and urges citizens to contribute generously in order that the drive can be successfully concluded next week.

Firms and individuals making second donations were: Sears, Roebuck and Co., Mrs. Gladys B. Legg, $20; Mrs. P. N. Howell, $12.50; Messer Electric Co., $12; WGCM, Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Cox, Coast Hardware Co., Gulf Paint and Glass Co., W. A. Davis, Eva H. Hemingray, Dr. John H. Edmonson, $10; Rae Bryant, S. R. Willett, Dr. Joe P. Evans, Smith-Todd Hardware Co., C. J. Darby, Mrs. Marie L. Montgomery, C. W. Ward, J. C. Rich, $5; Carolyn and G. B. Flagg Jr., cash, $2; M. Signioff, Mrs. John Flechas, $1.

This brings the total in the county to $8,379.70 still approximately $1600 short of the announced goal.

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