Joseph Crossley's Machine Shop


[Trade Journal]

Publication: Quarter-Century's Progress of New Jersey's Leading Manufacturing Centres

New York, NY, United States
p. 281, col. 2

Joseph Crossley, Manufacturer of Power and Hand Presses, Metal Dies, and Dies for Pressing Metal Composition, Gear Cutting, Models, Rubber Molds and Rubber Machinery, Pottery Machinery, etc., Novelty Machine W orksr Canal Street. In reviewing the mechanical industries centering in Trenton we feel it a duty to call special attention to the operations at the Novelty Machine Works, located on Canal street, both on account of the peculiarity of the products and the superior workmanship displayed therein. For fifteen years the proprietor, Mr. Joseph Crossley, has been connected with his present line of trsde, in all departments of which he is an expert. Three years ago he started business on his own account, and it has been so well conducted that to-day it has a trade which ramifies throughout the States of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York, and is still increasing. The plant comprises a machine shop 30x60 feet in dimensions, and a foundry 25x50 feet in size. The foundry is possessed of a cupola with a casting capacity of one ton per day. The machine shop is equipped with all the latest improved modern tools and machinery, including some specially designed for the manufacture of the productions of the establishment. The driving force is furnished by a ten-horse power steam engine. Mr. Crossley makes a specialty of manufacturing hand and power presses, metal dies for pressing composition, gear cutting, models, rubber molds and rubber machinery, pottery machinery, engines, etc. Repairs are also promptly made, and all business intrusted to Mr. Crossley will be dealt with in a manner which will secure to his clients all the advantages which ean be obtained by a complete and thorough knowledge of the business. All work consists of first-class mechanism only, and the materials used are the best in the market. Mr. Crossley is a native of the city and very popular.


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