Fred Locke's indestructible line material

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electricity

New York, NY, United States
vol. 8, no. 18, p. 248, col. 1

Indestructible Line Material.


The weak points In line construction have heretofore been in the insulator plus, break arms, etc. A wooden pin, however strong when new, soon becomes decayed and under the severe strain of a heavy or tautly wire often breaks and throws the light or power station out of service until the ground or short circuit is repaired.


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Fred M. Locke, of Victor, N. Y., is manufacturing a line of indestructible material, the use of which, it is asserted renders line troubles impossible. His Steel Insulator Pin, illustrated in the accompanying, cut is easily attached and its use strengthens the cross-arm, avoiding as it does all tendency to split the arm. These pins are now used by railway, lighting, telephone and telegraph companies throughout the United States and have everywhere given the utmost satisfaction.

In addition to this specialty Mr. Locke manufactures insulator pins, break arms, side brackets, ridge irons, triple petticoat glass and porcelain insulators for high potential circuits, cross arms, braces and all kinds of line material, suitable for electric light, railway, power, telegraph or telephone purposes.


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