Ex-Governor Claude Matthews dead


Publication: The Muncie Morning News

Glen Ellyn, IL, United States
vol. 21, no. 105, p. 4, col. 4


The News Received With Great Regret

Throughout the State


A special from Lafayette says: The slender cord which had held ex-Governor Claude Mathews to life broke in twain at 6:30 o'clock yesterday morning at the Shawnee Mound residence of Isaac Meharry where the victim of the stroke of paralysis of Thursday had lain from the hour of being carried from the grove in which has had addressed the old settlers. Late Saturday afternoon the crisis approached, a higher temperature and stupors from which it was more difficult to arouse the patient being the symptoms which buried the hope that physicians and family had clung to so tenaciously.

From 6 o'clock in the evening it became simply a waiting for what then appeared the inevitable ending, and twelve hours later the spirit fled while the ex-Governor appeared to be in a peaceful sleep. Earlier there had been some evidences that the patient suffered intensely, although these periods were at the rare intervals at which there had been some apparent consciousness.

Gathered about the bedside from the time the patient began to sink until the end were the Governor's wife and two daughters, his son-in-law, Mr. Cortez Ewing, of Greensburg; Miss Callie McMechan the niece who was with him in the capitol during his term of office; Mr. Walter Mathews, a cousin, who went from this city on Thursday evening and who has had charge of much of the funeral arrangements, and Drs. Stone and Allhaus. The announcement that death had come crushed a hope that there might at least be some word of recognition or farewell for the family, whose grief has been increased by this absence.

The funeral will be held at Clinton Wednesday.


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