Mrs. W. C. Dickie entertains; Mrs. R. Hemingray attended


Publication: The Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States


Mrs. W.C. Dickie Entertains at a Reception.

One of the most delightful social events of the season occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Dickie, 116 East Adams street, last evening. The occasion was a reception given by Mrs. Dickey in honor of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Lida Mason of Lyons, N.Y. There were about 100 guests present.

The guests were received by Mrs. Dickey, Mrs. Mason, Mrs. Carl Spilker and Mrs. J.V. Gilbert, assisted by Mrs. Charles Anthony, Mrs. Elmer Smith, Mrs. A.J. Williams, Misses Louise Kirby, Grace Riley, Fanny Turney, Cora Becket, Eva Moore, Mrs. Geo. M. Bard and Mrs. A. Winans. The guests were conducted from the door by Masters Clark Mason and Earl Williams.

The house was beautifully decorated with flowers and plants, the decorations being in white and green. The stairway was a bower of beauty, being covered with trailing vines and with flowers.

A four course dinner was served, the library and dining room both being used. The guest were seated at small tables, four to each table. At each plate was a beautiful menu, in form of booklet, containing scriptural quotations, concerning, or appropriate to a feast. Upon the cover of the booklet ws a hand-painted decoration, representing a palm and base. The design was done fo [sic] of green, harmonizing with the decorations of the house. These menus were designed and executed by Mrs. Mason, and were beautiful and unique souvenirs of of the occasion. The dinner was excellent in form and beautifully served.

The company was divided in two sets, one from 5 to 7, and the other from 6 to 8 o’clock. The husbands of the married ladies present were invited in the last set. Among the people were: Mesdames –

W.R. Moore                  E.J. Wallace

T. Moran                       J.E. Crown

C.N. Wilcoxon              Wm. Brotherton

N.F. Ethel                      Hugh Cowing

S.C. Goshorn                    G.W. Garner

Milton Gray                      F.H. Hays

G.C. Janney                       J.M. Long

Wm. Maddy                     J.L. Martin

Geo. Maring                    F. Valentine

W.W. Shirk                      E. Vatet

B.H. Whiteley                  Stimson

Winder                            J.H. Smith

James Corbett               Edward White

A. Harriott                     N.B. Hine

R. Hemingray                J.W. Ream

F. R Thrall                      Wicks

C. Shipley                       H.R. Wysor

A.L. Wright                     H.H. Highlands

J.E. Durham                   Erville Bishop

L.A. Franklin                   F.O. Grannis

George Cromwell          C.O. Prutzman

John Kirby                      T.K. Heinsohn

Harve Koontz                 D.A. McLain

C.A. Kitts                        A.V.R. Patton

H.M. Winans                 E. Whiteley

C. Sampson                    S. Cowan

Edward Moore              L.Turner

C.F.W. Neely

Misses -

Florence Atkins                  Mary Atkins

Wisner                                 Du Bose

Brotherton                          Foulke

Sarah McCulloch                Shipley

Fanny Turner


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