Durham Trolley Party; Mrs. Robert & Mrs. Ralph Hemingray attended


Publication: The Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States


Pleasant Event yesterday Afternoon In Honor of Mrs. Wilson.

Mrs. J.E. Durhams trolley party given yesterday afternoon in honor of her sister, Mrs. L.M. Wilson of Cincinnati, was one of the pleasantest events of the kind yet given in Muncie. A large number of ladies had been invited and they assembled on the lawn at the Durham residence, on South Jefferson street, where they were presented to the guest of honor.

The caps were taken at the Kirby House and the trip was made over the entire system. Two cars were used and both were elaborately decorated; the first, or motor, being done in green, smilax, with pink and white roses; the trailer was decorated in white and pink and both presented a beautiful appearance.

When the park was reached on the Westside line an extended stop was made while Caterer Hummel served luncheon. Some time was spent in the park and then the ride over the rest of the system was made. At the conclusion of the party the ladies were taken to their homes.

John Kirby                    H.R. Wysor

Thos Kirby                    A.J. Meeks

C.L. Medsker                Will Meeks

Ed Tyler                         Mart Meeks

D.A. McLain                   Oscar Meeks

Ed White                        C.L. Bender

W.C. Sampson              C.N. Wilcoxon

L.L. Turner                     W.H. Moreland

C.M. Turner                   Milt Long

N.F. Ethel                       Harv Koontz

G.C. Janney                    George Klein

W.E. Hitchcock                  R.S. Gregory

G. Hartley                            Brose Wilson

J.J. Hartley                          H.H. Highlands

W. Hartley                          O.W. Crabbs

Lewis Over                          S.C. Cowan

Thad Neely                          H. Roads

Lou Neely                             C. Brown

F.B. Nickey                           Jacob Stiffler

Chas. Boyce                         C.E. Moore

Ralph Hemingray               Al Wright

Robt. Hemingray                C.E. Shipley

H.O. Cowing                        G.W. Bower

G.W.H. Kemper                  W. Patterson

O.A. Johnson                       Mary Sample

J.K. Ritter                              W.W. Shirk

F.C. Ball                                 G.M. Maring

W.M. Winans                       S.C. Goshorn

J.S. Martin                            M. Kuechman

F.E. Kiser                               D.R. Youse

M.L. Cassidy                          Carl Spilker

H.M. Mitchell                       C.H. Anthony

F.J. Claypool                          M. Nickey

R.S.L. Thompson                  W. H. Masters

George Keiser                       J.V. Gilbert

Frank Thrall                            C.T. Dages

W.S. Dickie                              F.O. Grannis

H.F. Tyler                                 J.E. Crews

H. Gill                                       Erville Bishop

C. Prutzman                           A.V.R. Patton

C.O. Fox                                 Elmer Smith

Milt Gray                               A.L. Johnson

Juliet Riley                              G.H. Hill


Suzette Kirby                         Nannie C. Love

Edith Love                              Georgette Kemper

Grace Riley.

From a distance – Mesdames:

J.E. Mason, Lyons, N. Y.

G. H. Jennings, Terre Haute.

Will Kirby, Cripple Creek, Ohio

Hattie Johnson, Washington, D.C.

Miss Maude Haines, Kansas City.


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