Wilcoxon Trolley Party; Mrs. Ralph Hemingray attended


Publication: The Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States


A Delightful Trolley Party Last Evening by Mrs. Wilcoxon.

One of the most delightful events of the summer social season was the trolley party given last evening by Mrs. C. N. Wilcoxon. The guests were many in number and were entertained in a most charming manner, the ridge being but the means utilized to afford all an enjoyable season. The guests assembled at the Wilcoxon residence, 315 East Washington street, at 5 o’clock and at 5:30 took the cars at Elm street.

A motor and trailer were used and both were brilliantly decorated. The effect throughout was Japanese, the lights, of which there were many, being enclosed in Japanese lanterns and the cars hung with decorations of the same style. The Japanese effect was carried into freshments also. With the brilliant lighting and decorations and the host of beautifully attired guests the cars presented a beautiful appearance as they rolled over the tracks.

After the guests had boarded the train the trip was made over the Congerville and Industry lines and then the party went to Westside. Here the delicious refreshments were served on the cars and the company spent a pleasant half hour beneath the shade of the trees in the park. Luncheon and the hour of recreation over the return and a trip over the Whitely belt line was made and the event ended. The guests were taken as near to their homes as the cars could convey them and it was after 9 o’clock when they were finally run into the barn and the party was a thing of the past.

The guests were the following persons: Mesdames:

O.A. Johnson                           H.R. Wysor

G.W.H. Kemper                      F.M. Valentine

T.A. Morgan                           Ed Wallace

Wm. Dickey                            A. Meeks

Milton Gray                             W.H. Moreland

George Bard                            C.F.W. Neeley

J.V. Gilbert                              Edwards Wicke

W.S. Richey                            Louise Cassiday

Giles Collins                             Lee Coffeen

C.L. Bender                             R.S. Gregory

Elmer Smith                              J.W. Ream

Ralph Hemingray                      Frank Thrall

J.W. Garner                             H.H. Harriott

W.R. Youse                             Carl Franklin

G.C. Janney                              J.E. Durham

Mart Meeks                             George Bower

C.G. Neely                               Elizabeth Wilson

W.M. Winans                          C.H. Church

Harvey Long                            Milton Long

J.W. Perkins                             Lee Shaw

A.J. Phinney                              G.H. Andrews

Frank Harris                              Chas. Brown

Milton Thomas                           C.M. Kimbrough

C.L. Medaker                             W.R. Moore

D. Cammack                               Ed Bishop

J.L. Kingsbury                              Erville Bishop

J.N. Templer                                Vernon Davis

Chas Kilgore                                 Elmer Whiteley

A.J. Williams                                 Oscar Vatet

W.F. McDowell                            Will Meeks

F.W. Prothero                               Will Hitchcock

Carrie Burt                                     John Ritter

C.H. Anthony                                 Jas. Smith

W. R. Snyder                                 W.W. Shirk

John S. Martin                                Harv. Koontz

J.F. Wildman

Flora Swain of Anthony, Fla., Jennie Niles, of Richmond and Mrs. Dixon of Dayton. Misses –

Bessie Mason                                           Belle Thomas

Zula Wilcoxon                                          Emma Wilcoxon

Bertha Hamilton                                       Linnie Miller.


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