Mrs. Thad Neely entertained; Mrs. R. C. Hemingray attended


Publication: The Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States


Mrs. Thad A Neely Very Delightfully Entertained Guests Yesterday.

Mrs. Thad A. Neely gave a very delightful trolley party yesterday afternoon in honor of Mrs. W. M. Marsh and Mrs. Hattie C. Johnson; the latter of Washington, D.C. The guests assembled at Mrs. Neely’s residence on the corner of Main and Elm streets, at 3:30 o’clock and a pleasant hour was spent upon the spacious lawn, which was covered with rugs and druggetts. Here punch was served and the guests chatted until the special car that was to carry them arrived. This car was very elaborately decorated and was in charge of Motorman Martin and Conductor Matthews of the Citizens’ Street Railway company.

After boarding the car a trip over the Whitely belt line was made and then the run to Westside. Here refreshments were served on the car by special colored waiters and then the car was run over the Congerville and Avondale lines, after which the party broke up and the guests dispersed to their several homes.

Those who composed this very delightful party were:


Wm. N. Whitely                        Burt H. Whiteley

W.W. Shirk                              C.L. Bender

J.W. Garner                               J.F. Wildman

J.A. Meeks                               J.R. Wysor

A.J. Phinney                             J.W. Ream

O.A. Johnson                           J.R. Sprankle

R.C. Hemingray                       T.F. Rose

G.W. Bower                            R.S. Gregory

W.R. Maddy                           C.M. Turner

R.J. Beatty                              H.H. Highlands

W.S. Richey                           C.G. Neely

C.F.W. Neeley                       A.J. Wachtell

Kate H. Wilson                      -Lynn

Frank Thrall                           James Smith


Bell Thomas                               Jennie Neely


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