Location of Fire Alarm Boxes; Box 64 between Over's and Hemingray's


Publication: The Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States


Read This and You Will Know Where to Run When the Bell Rings.

Since the last card, containing the location of the fire alarm boxes were published, many new boxes have been placed and others have been changed from the old positions. A new card will be issued in a few weeks. Below will be found the location of all of the boxes:

12 – Liberty street, Between Main and Jackson.

13 – Corner Jackson street and Kilgore avenue.

14 – Corner Charles and Liberty street.

15 – Corner Charles and Proud street.

16 – Corner Mound and Power street.

17 – Opposite Nelson Glass works.

18 – South Liberty street, opposite J. H. Smith & Co’s Bending works.

21 – Corner Walnut and Howard street.

23 – Walnut street, between Main and Jackson street.

24 – Walnut street, between Gilbert and North street.

25 – Corner Walnut and Adams street.

31 – Corner Adams and Elm street.

32 – Corner Madison and Howard street.

33 – Whiteley Malleable Castings company, Wysor Heights.

34 – Gilbert street, between Jefferson and Elm street.

35 – Fire Department No. 1, corner Jackson and Jefferson street.

41 – Corner Washington and Monroe street.

42 – Adams street, between Monroe and Vine street.

43 – Hackley street, between Adams and Charles street.

45 – Corner Adams and Beacon street.

46 – Corner Main and Ebright street.

47 – Corner Jackson street and Ohio Avenue.

51 – Corner Walnut and First street.

52 – Corner Hoyt avenue and Sixth street.

53 – Corner Sixth and Franklin street.

54 – Corner Seyour and Plum street.

56 – Corner Madison and Second street.

57 – Sampson avenue, Muncie Glass works, Avondale.

59 – Muncie Pulp mill.

61 – Ninth street, Ball’s Glass works.

62 – Corner Willard and Grant street.

63 – Corner Kirby and Ohio avenue.

64 – Between Over’s and Hemingray’s Glass Works.

Keys for boxes can be found at nearest residence or factory, and all person’s pulling a box for fire must remain at the box until the department arrives so they can direct them to where the fire is located.

The telephones for the use of the fire department are numbered as follows:

28 – Station No. 1, corner Jackson and Jefferson street.

29 – Station No. 2, corner Willard and Mulberry street.

114 – Chief Shepp’s residence, . . . [illegible text] . . .


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