Bills Allowed; Hemingray listed


Publication: The Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States


Smallpox Bills Thicker Than Flies in The Summer Time.

The Committee Meets and Allows Sixty-Three Bills Amounting to Twelve Hundred and Fifty-five Dollars and Thirty-Eight Cents – The Last Large Batch.

Last evening the committee met once again to allow the bills incurred by smallpox. They had a big job on hands as they found bills there thicker than flies in the summer time. They came in from every direction and every body wanted their . . . [illegible text] . . ..

It is thought that this will be the last large batch, as the guards, nurses, etc., are being gradually released and the expenses will soon be over.

The bills allowed last night were as follows:



R.S. Hemingray…………………4.05





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